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FrSky - Taranis X9D Plus Alu Case

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This RC-Controler FrSky is simply the best known and reputed in the world of FPV Racing and Freestyle ! Build quality, components used and its many features make it a radio ratio Quality / Price / Features absolutely unbeatable!

Radio transmitter 16 channels.

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209,90 € tax incl.

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Open-source software:

This radio is configurable and customizable with the TX Companion software, find the latest firmware to enjoy the latest features.


Transmission system ACCST 2.4Ghz, thanks to this system not to end up on the same frequency as other users around you, no more interference! Also equipped with RSSI system that warns of signal drop, allowing you to turn back before any cut.
The failsafe is present and offers 3 modes: last command received, signal loss and pre-programmed actions for signal breach.


The integrated telemetry system to x9d is more than complete because it covers not less than 3 pages! All necessary information will be available on its screen.

Included :

-1 Transmitter Taranis X9D Plus
-1 7.2V NiMH Batteries 2000mAh
-1 Charger
-1 Neck Strap
-1 Aluminium Case
-2 Door locks key for the suitcase
-1 SD Card

Technical characteristics :

-Screen LCD backlight (Blue and Orange) 212 / 64mm
-Ability To affect any round, button, sliders freely
-6 Inter 3 positions
Inter -2 2 positions
-2 Potentiometers
-2 Sliders
-60 Model memory modules (thankfully)
-Module Internal transmit telemetry equipped (compatible smart port), can transmit 16 channels
-alarm Vibration
very low refresh -Rate (9 ms)
-Data Of exportable flight on SD card
-64 mixes
-9 Flight modes
-Multimode (Possibility of change in fashion 1/2/3/4)
-16 Fully customizable curves from 3 to 17 points
-Taking Into Jack Trainer (8 channels downstream and 16 show)
-Support Jack to connect headphones for voice telemetry
-Support Mini USB for connecting to PC
-Menus In French

Firmwares are available here:

Data sheet


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