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Updated (28/01/16): The current lead time is 8 days.

About the kit

Our Prusa i3 Kit is the perfect printer for beginner's or pro's alike. This 3D Printer kit combines all the best Prusa i3 upgrades with our high quality products. Each part has been thought about carefully in terms of assembly, maintenance and printing, to produce an excellent 3D Printer which will exceed your requirements. Being a 3D Printer kit, this 3D Printer not only provides a superb price, but will also be a valuable learning experience, providing a great start for any aspiring maker.

Prusa i3 bulldog extruder
Prusa i3 RAMPS 1.4

For our Prusa i3 kit we have chosen to use a Hexagon all metal hotend which is capable of printing materials up to 295°C. This is combined with an all metal Bulldog Lite direct drive extruder, for lots of power and reliability. This extruder system, and the inclusion of a heated bed, allow for a very wide range of materials to be printed, including PLA, ABS, Nylons & Composites.

A RAMPS 1.4 (RepRap Arduino Mega Pololu Shield) electronics controller is provided, and is the most popular controller used today. Interfacing with an Arduino MEGA2560, it expands the Arduino platform to provide all the necessary features for a 3D Printer. Our 3D Printer kit also includes a LCD Smart Controller, with SD Card reader, for stand alone 3D Printing.


- Hexagon all metal Hotend and Bulldog Lite extruder.
- Heated Bed.
- LCD Panel with SD Card Reader for stand alone printing (SD Card included).
- RAMPS 1.4 electronics.
- Precision ground steel smooth rods.
- Frame Brace with Z-Axis Isolators.
- X & Y-Axis Belt Tensioners.


Prusa i3 Assembly Instructions

To help you along your way, we have written a complete end to end assembly manual, with exploded view assembly diagrams. The 3D Printer comes with pre-configured and installed firmware, as well as configuration files for the slicing software. If you have any problems along the way, we are available by email or phone to help you.

We have tried to make the assembly and operation of this printer as simple as possible. However this is still a kit, so basic technical and sometimes problem solving skills will be needed to complete this printer and calibrate it for the best printing results. Further to this, computer skills are a requirement, multiple pieces of software have to be installed and configured. These are needed to operate and produce G-Code files for your printer. If you have any doubts, we recommend that you read through the instruction manual beforehand, to gauge what is involved.

Tech Radar Top 10 3D Printer 2015

Prusa i3 Assembly Instructions

We very proud to be rated number 7 on Techradar's Top Ten 3D Printers of 2015. We were given a glowing 4.5 out 5 star review, with highly praised comments such as:

“Print quality that rivals many printers that retail at twice the price.”

“Incredibly clear instructions on the building process.”

“Addictive 3D Printing Kit.”

Be sure to check out the full review:

What is in the Kit

This 3D Printer kit includes everything needed to build a Prusa i3 3D Printer and start 3D Printing as quick as possible. The 3D Printed plastic parts included with the kit, we print in house, and only come in Black.

Since we launched the kit in Autumn 2014, we have made some changes which are not reflected in the pictures above. These include:

- The aluminium frame now comes powder coated black, instead of plain aluminium.
- The RAMPS 1.4 Board used is now this one:
- Minor changes to the design of the small hotend fan which cools the print.

With our kit we also include these essential extras which are apart of every makers toolbox:

- 50mm Kapton Tape.
- Allen Key Set.
- Borosilicate Glass Build Plate.
- Filament Spool Holder.
- 250ml Acetone.
- 1kg of 1.75mm ABS 3D Printer Filament (Optional).

Prusa i3 Aluminium Frame

Data sheet

TypeImprimante 3D
TechnologieFFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
Dimensions d'impression200x200x175mm
Précision100 - 300microns
Diamètre filament1.75mm
Diamètre de la buse0.40mm
Alimentation12V DC 360W
Matériaux utilisablesTestée avec de l'ABS et PLA
Température de buse max295°
Surface d'impressionVerre + Kapton
Température du plateau chauffant100°
LogicielPrintrun/Cura (Recommandé)
ConnectiqueUSB et Carte SD
/5 out of reviews